May 132015

formula_fusion_scale.jpgFinally a new project worth keeping an eye on. Formula Fusion is a Kickstarter for a fast anti-gravity racer in the spirit of Wipeout. So far the developers have only shown a video of an early prototype, some renderings and some concept art. The quite low goal of £35k was already reached. However, that will only be enough for a very limited version of the game.

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Aug 032014

StarTrekAxanar.jpgNot a game but a Star Trek fan film on a professional level. In March 2014 they collected $101,171 on Kickstarter for Prelude to Anaxar, a 20 minute long fictionalized documentary meant to be a proof of concept for a full-length movie. Prelude to Anaxar was now release on Vimeo and can be viewed for free on the new Kickstarter campaign site. In this second campaign they hope to collect enough money for the real thing. As of today they already got $180,000 with still 20 days to go.

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May 042014

A new project frbfg_ds.jpgom Black Forest Games, the German studio previous known for their fabulous crowdfunded Giana Sisters remake called Twisted Dreams which got a 77% rating on metacritic. In august 2013 they started another Kickstarter campaign called Project Ravensdale and failed. Now they are trying again with Dieselstörmers, which is based on Ravensdale. They call it a run & gun game with 4 player multiplayer coop gameplay. Of course they are reusing their in-house engine that was used for Giana Sisters.

In theory they are doing everything right in their campaign this time. Enough media coverage that people hear about it, well at least I got it this time while I missed Project Ravensdale. They even have playable prototype freely available! However, I somehow can’t warmup with the setting in medieval steam punk or more like diesel punk?

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Feb 222014

Yet another crowd funded AAA game. kc_deliverance_fencing.jpgIt’s a little late, the kick starter campaign already finished 2 days ago. They made £1,106,371 from 35,384 backers, which is a good result for Kickstarter. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a single player sandbox RPG in a medieval setting. During the campaign they already showed some impressive first person melee combat. Their approach is to combine animations with actual physic simulation and inverse kinematics of the bodies. This is hard to stabilize if you want it to look good and therefore risky. However, when done right, it promises great results.

As they use Cryengine, of course Chris Roberts jumped in and announced a cooperation between Star Citizen and Kingdom Come. It’s a game I will probably never play, but I backed it anyway, as I want to support crowdfunded AAA titles. As already said, the kickstarter campaign is closed. However, their website says they will soon open a shop where you still can support them.

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Jan 282014

This time a project for fans of Destruction Derby and FlatOut. As in the old games you can (or have to) take out opponent cars by ramming them. However, now finally PC hardware is fast enough to do this with much better physics and of course state-of-the-art graphics. Actually they had to cancel their Kickstarter campaign because it was obvious they would not get enough money. If you ask me, it’s the game title “Next Car Game” which is hopefully just a working title. I did only learn about this by shear luck. However, they have collected enough money via their own webpage to continue development. Also since January 14 you can get a playable Alpha-Version via Steam Early Access. That’s where they got me. Just two cars and three tracks, but it’s already massive fun:

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