This pages gives a short overview of my projects of professional scope. Smaller hobby projects are listed here.

Unannounced Project

unity3dCurrently I’m am working at Ubisoft Blue Byte in Düsseldorf as a Logic and Gameplay Programmer. The project is based on Unity3d, but it is not yet officially announced, so I can’t say anymore.

Buzzwords: Unity3d, C#


Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013

your-shape-2013-coverA title for Nintendo WiiU I worked on as a programmer. This was my first project that can be classified as of AAA scope. Besides many other things I was responsible for the two so called activities “JustMove” and “ZenFlow”. (more)

Buzzwords: Nintendo WiiU, C++, AAA-Title, Launch-Title, Gameplay-Programming.




Dieses Projekt wurde im Rahmen meiner Diplomarbeit “Collaborative Reconstruction of 3D City Models” begonnen. Ziel ist die Entwicklung einer Software zur realistischen Rekonstruktion der Stadt Aachen als virtuelles 3D Modell. Dazu sollen viele Menschen gleichzeitig am Modell arbeiten. Luftbilder aus verschiedenen Perspektiven und Grundrisse vom Katasteramt helfen beim modellieren. Fertige Gebäude werden automatisch texturiert. (mehr)

Buzzwords: User-Interface, Virtual Texturing, Streaming, Revision-Control, OpenGL, Qt-Framework, Cross-Platform, C++, PHP, MySQL, Apache