Star Citizen

Miscfreelancer_logo.jpgI still meet people (gamers!) from time to time who did not hear about Star Citizen. Can you believe it? Well, if you liked games such as the Wing Commander series, Privateer, Starlancer or Freelancer then this is it! The next big space simulation game. The crowd-funding campaign started in October 2012 and I was within the first ~4000 backers. The campaign is still in progress and as of today funding has surpassed $37 million from 370,000 backers. It currently holds the record for the highest crowd-funded video game.

As being massively over the original budget the project, feature creep is an real risk. Also we can expect comparably massive delays of the release. However, I trust in Chris Roberts to create an awfully great game, but it might take years to get it polished.