Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Yet another crowd funded AAA game. kc_deliverance_fencing.jpgIt’s a little late, the kick starter campaign already finished 2 days ago. They made £1,106,371 from 35,384 backers, which is a good result for Kickstarter. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a single player sandbox RPG in a medieval setting. During the campaign they already showed some impressive first person melee combat. Their approach is to combine animations with actual physic simulation and inverse kinematics of the bodies. This is hard to stabilize if you want it to look good and therefore risky. However, when done right, it promises great results.

As they use Cryengine, of course Chris Roberts jumped in and announced a cooperation between Star Citizen and Kingdom Come. It’s a game I will probably never play, but I backed it anyway, as I want to support crowdfunded AAA titles. As already said, the kickstarter campaign is closed. However, their website says they will soon open a shop where you still can support them.