A new project frbfg_ds.jpgom Black Forest Games, the German studio previous known for their fabulous crowdfunded Giana Sisters remake called Twisted Dreams which got a 77% rating on metacritic. In august 2013 they started another Kickstarter campaign called Project Ravensdale and failed. Now they are trying again with Dieselstörmers, which is based on Ravensdale. They call it a run & gun game with 4 player multiplayer coop gameplay. Of course they are reusing their in-house engine that was used for Giana Sisters.

In theory they are doing everything right in their campaign this time. Enough media coverage that people hear about it, well at least I got it this time while I missed Project Ravensdale. They even have playable prototype freely available! However, I somehow can’t warmup with the setting in medieval steam punk or more like diesel punk?