There are a lot of crowd-funded video games out there. Yes, most of them are just crap. A three people team claiming they want to do Battlefield 4, just with better gameplay and without the bugs. A mix of Starcraft and WoW with a $20000 budget? We have seen it all. However, there are a few jewels hidden in the mass of projects. Sadly I mostly only hear about them too late to support it.

For this reason I decided to start blogging reasonable projects, because I think crowd funding is a great way to gather money for a video game. You can easily launch test balloons and gather the money for projects that publishers consider as too risky. Game development is more expensive and time consuming than most people think, so you can’t do serious games without some kind of investor in the background. However, I think the future is a combination of crowd-funding and traditional publisher approach.

I’m working as a programmer on AAA titles in the games industry for two and a half years now. That’s not much, but I think by now I have a good guess how game development works and how much people, time and money it consumes to get an enjoyable game out at the end. So when ever I stumble over another interesting crowd-funded video game project meeting the criteria below, I will try to blog about it. If you found a great project yourself, it is meeting these criteria and you would like to promote it, feel free to drop me a note.


  • They have something solid to show off. E.g. a video of a polished playable prototype. At least more than just concept art.
  • They have reasonable business plan and budget.
  • They have a reasonable team size.
  • They have at least some experienced people already on board. Hiring good people takes time.
  • They have some interesting and new ideas or they want to revive some great old game genre. But just wanting a piece of someone’s pie without real innovation…sorry.
  • Assuming the project gets funded, they have an actual chance of success. Meaning they seem to be able to create an enjoyable, bug-free game in the end.