Your Shape 2013

Since August 2011 I am working at Ubisoft Blue Byte in Düsseldorf. My first project there was Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013. It was developed for the Nintendo Wii U and was one of the few games released simultaneously with the new console in November 2012. As of January 2014, the game has a 76% rating at Metacritic.

My work as a Logic and Gameplay Programmer was concentrated mostly on the two so called Activities “JustMove” and “ZenFlow”. The first one is kind of a dancing mini game, of course using lots of the systems used by normal workouts, but with special handling in many places. “ZenFlow” is a totally different from the rest of the game. The player controls the game not using the Wii Remote, but the WiiU Gamepad instead. Here I was responsible for the complete game logic and several graphic effects, e.g. the particle system and some shaders. Rendering the ZenFlow environment was quite a challenge as this is the only 360 degree environment in the game and the only one required to be rendered twice: once for the TV, once for the gamepad. I also worked on a third mini game which did not make it into the final game, as well as some smaller stuff here and there.

ys2013_justmove ys2013_zenflow ys2013_workout1 ys2013_workout2

You can find more screenshots of Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 on the official Website or for example on Amazon.